Photosynthesis Festival ~ July 25-27, 2014 ~ Masonic Family Park ~ Granite Falls, WA

Plantrae (Live)

Plantrae is an intricate, energetic and biotic sound experience originating deep in the rainforests of cascadia. It is composed of a bass rooted, stretchy midtempo foundation and live viola improvisation that embodies the spirited essence of classical, swing and folk. Seeking to unite organic melody and intricate electronics, Plantrae also encourages the listener to delve deep into the humyn ethos… See More
Band Interests
In addition to a musical project, PLANTRAE is a medium to bring humyns together to acknowledge that we are of the earth and we shall live by the laws of the earth, or we will die in a civilized death culture, griped by fear of the feral earth and its undying spirit buried deep within us.
~Dance, and remember those who danced before you~




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