Photosynthesis Festival ~ July 25-27, 2014 ~ Masonic Family Park ~ Granite Falls, WA

Entheo (Live)

From soothing ambient soundscapes, to sunrise downtempo lovestep, Entheo is a blend of lusciousness and always aims to open our hearts and connect us deeper with beauty, truth & love. Their soothing melodic layers and uplifting hooks blended with intentional vocal injections inspire tantric waves of euphoria that will enhance your dance and sweeten the vibes. They live to create epic musical realms of Grace where life becomes surreal, and reality becomes a dream where the majesty of the cosmos is palpable. Entheo is here to shine iridescent waves of bliss on those who are ready and willing to surrender deeper into the yummy yessence of our existence. Come get some … if you’re into that.



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