Photosynthesis Festival ~ July 25-27, 2014 ~ Masonic Family Park ~ Granite Falls, WA

Boreal Taiga (Live)

Boreal Taiga encompasses music influenced from the Northern hemisphere and arctic environments.The sounds are a window to the boreal forests as well as the taiga forests (Russian name) and is also a reflection of arctic regions, snow, ice and water. Boreal Taiga is interested in the exploration of such areas as well as the study of the native cultures that inhabit these beautiful environments.

Boreal Taiga music can be ambient, drone, chill out, psy-ethno or down tempo. JimDe is the sole musician and creator of Boreal Taiga which he started in 1998. He utilizes his extensive binaural field recordings library in the music to add the atmospheres just needed for the journey. Bringing electronic sounds together with real life binuaral samples, the music becomes a reality.



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