Photosynthesis Festival ~ July 25-27, 2014 ~ Masonic Family Park ~ Granite Falls, WA

Biolumigen (Live)

..:bioLuMigen|ˌbīōˌloōməˌjən|- that which brings the light of life into being:…

…unifying sound from all over the world with the frequencies of the future and the vibrations of the ancients to create the music of Here and Now… Infusing the sounds of dub-hop and drum & space with psychedelic alien soundscapes and the lush, vibrant tones of world music, this project seeks to express the infinite inspirations of DreamTime with audio intentions of love and healing through transcendental evolution and liberation with the supreme technology of sound: Music.
Ultimately striving to unveil the star-child within all of us, releasing the obsolete structures of false being so that the realization of the timeless and universal Oneness of existence we all share may blossom into the infinite gardens of the cosmos… With this in mind, may we transform the global heart and mind with beautiful music so that we may all truly believe in planetary unity and the synchronized efforts to manifest and illuminate a world of compassion and harmony in which all Life may flower forth in the natural fruition of infinite Love…

let us spread love and sound together… :) for all inquiries/downloads/what-ups, everyone feel free to contact at:



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