Photosynthesis Festival ~ July 25-27, 2014 ~ Masonic Family Park ~ Granite Falls, WA

Andreilien (Heyoka)-Live


Far far away in deep auditory space, Heyoka has been abducted, cosmically mind probed, upgraded and reconfigured in an extra terestrial lab on a planet known as Marklar. Fortunately he has returned almost entirely unharmed, and now shall be known as the artist currently know as Andreilien…. Andrei Olenev first emerged as HEYOKA on the San Francisco underground glitch/bass […]


Mikael Stavostrand (LA / Sweden)

Mikael Stavostrand - LA / Sweden

Mikael Stavostrand has been lauded as an important figure of the electronic music scene for his unique interpretations of minimal club techno as well as for producing some of the most essential experimental electronic music of the past years. Stavöstrand mixes deconstructed sounds with funky little beats to create minimal dance textures…


KMLN (Live)-Berlin


KMLN (Kameleon) is a musician by training with years spent in bands and extensive touring. KMLN brings all of that experience by combining his musicianship with his curating abilities. May it be a primetime or a sunrise set, he adapts to any surrounding and delivers genre-bending performances…


KiloWatts (Philly)


Breathe music. This is the mantra of KiloWatts. Jamie Watts has walked with music his entire life, from the early ages learning to play the piano, to his teenage years singing and learning to sequence, to the present moment as a full-fledged producer and touring artist…


Tara Brooks (LA)

Tara Brooks

Tara Brook’s heart lies in techno, tech house, deep house, older progressive, open minded and moved by a more underground sound and feeling. Influences include John Digweed, Victor Calderone, Lee Burridge, Joseph Capriati…


Jay Tripwire (Live)-BC

Jay Tripwire

Always sitting slightly off-centre, Jay Tripwire is an artist that walks the line as industry staple and ever changing innovator, releasing one standout release after another. His signature fusion of deep Detroit textures and intricate rhythms has led a career spanning two decades…


Halo Refuser (Live)


With six releases since 2009 and a multitude of singles and compilation appearances on labels from Seattle, NYC, and Oakland, Halo Refuser has established an exciting electronica experience, delivering an all-original dance journey…


Anomie Belle (Live)

Anomie Belle

Anomie Belle’s unique vocal stylings and classical roots have led her to develop a signature cinematic, sexual, layered, provocative and ethereal sound characterized by a bold, sensual and experimental mix of electronic and acoustic instrumentation…


Ben Annand (Moontribe-LA)

Ben Annand

Ben Annand has been a mover and shaker in the house and techno scene in Los Angeles since he first started djing in 1996. He holds dj residencies at 3 of California’s top parties – Tropical and Moontribe in the L.A. area, and Forward in San Francisco. He has played in most major U.S cities, […]


Liberation Movement (Live)

Liberation Mov

Liberation Movement : A Multidimensional Portal to Transmutation. Summoning the dawn of a musical revolution, Liberation Movement is a hybrid of electronic and acoustic instrumentation, presented live on 50 Analog Channels with live vocalists and a wide range of styles intentionally united, invoking truth to pierce through illusion. Featuring recordings and support from traditional shamanic […]


SaQi (Live)


The mad-musical scientist known as saQi is a classically trained composer, producer and trumpet player. Drawing his name from the Sufi title for a mystic muse, saQi creates deep and funky dance floor jams…


Kyrstyn Pixton (Live)


The sound of Kyrstyn Pixton blends intricate song-writing with luscious vocal harmonies and vast hard-hitting electro-acoustic soundscapes. Imagine a meld of Imogen Heap, Florence & the Machine, and Joanna Newsom, backed by Air, Plaid, Dead Can Dance, and Apparat…


Gene Lee (Seattle)

Zacharia (Seattle)


Thanks for checking out my page:) I’m a DJ/Producer out of Seattle. I was turned on to the underground dance scene in 1994 and haven’t looked back since. My DJ career began in 1996 after I started Seattle’s first 18+ drum and bass night called 360bpm. I played dnb strictly until around 2005 at which […]


Michael Manahan (Live)

Michael Mannahananana

Michael Manahan has been working in the Underground Arts and Music Culture for over 20 years. Residing in Seattle, Washington, Michael is a prolific DJ and Event Producer, Co-owner in Starborne Shows, Starborne Sound, Re-bar (Theatre / Nightclub), Producing Partner at the world famous Decibel Festival, Lead Producer of the Starborne Electronic Stage at Seattle […]


Nordic Soul (Seattle)

Nordic Soul

Sean Horton aka Nordic Soul has long been enamored with artistic expression, the creation of music, and the technology that fuses it all together, much to the benefit and evolution of the world of electronic music and the underground culture that surrounds it. His healthy obsession began at the age of 11 with the gift […]


The Flashbulb (Live)


Benn Lee Jordan is an electronic music musician operating under many pseudonyms. Since 1999 his most widely distributed and eclectic music has been released under the name of The Flashbulb, whose songs mostly fall under the idm/breakcore genre. Other names Benn operates under are Q-Bit, Flexe, Dr. Lefty, Acidwolf, Human Action Network, DJ ASCII, Lucid32, […]


Bartel (Live)

BARTEL Andrew Harris Graveyard

Bartel’s music has been described as “haunting, yet melodic; down-tempo, yet driving. Swelling ambient soundscapes meet with deep glitch cuts, while a dub sensibility keeps it all sounding like a distant memory.” More to the the point, the Bartel aesthetic explores the intersection between ultra- modern synthesis, location recording, and experimental sound design; encouraging an […]


High & Tight (Seattle)


Some guys have all the luck. Some take the easy route. Some pick the low hanging fruit. And then there’s the High+Tight crew. For the last 3+ years High+Tight have been throwing some of the seemingly most effortless parties on the West Coast. Every detail worked out, from sound to decor to door policy. There […]


BC Dubcats (Nelson, BC)


The BC Dubcats aren’t from around these parts. With over 40 years of combined gigging experience, their inclination towards the subversive and esoteric keeps them roaming Dub Categories from Rootstep, Drum’n’Bass and Breaks to free-range, smoked out, bass-heavy selections. Dodging in and out of the global music and festival scene across 25 countries, these 2 […]


Ramiro (Seattle)


Ramiro – DJ/Promoter/Owner of Uniting Souls Music record label/Head of AR “Ramiro is an inextinguishable accelerant of Seattle’s house scene” – Seattle Weekly (Nightlife Issue/Front Cover Story) “Best of Seattle 2009″ Award – Seattle Weekly “If you’ve thought about house music in Seattle, you already know about Ramiro and Uniting Souls…” – The Stranger “The […]


Phidelity (PDX)


Kris Northern aka phidelity. is a free-lance graphic designer / musician based in Portland, Oregon with many interests leaning towards the nerdy end of the spectrum. Some of these include Isometric Art, Origami Tesselations, graffiti, fractals, Sacred Geometry, photography, object oriented design and art as well all manners of electronic music and sound design, “I […]


The Abominable Twitch (Live)


Hailing from Chicago, Since 1997 The Abominable Twitch (Max Glasott, aka ABt) has been experimenting and making music out of electronics and objects recorded by other electronics. He has racked up an impressive and diverse discography of over 20 albums and collaborations since his first bedroom record between 1998/1999. In addition to his own work […]


Manoj (PDX)


DJ Manoj was born from the dancefloor and will always be a dancer at heart. He arose as one of the pioneers in the west coast dance culture both shaping and being shaped by this amazing adventure. Continually moved and changed by the power of music and the many transformational experiences he encounters while dancing […]


Electrosect (live ambient set)


Electrosect is Patrick Henelt of Seattle Washington and is an electronic music producer and promoter. Patrick is part of the Live N Love Artist collective. They are a Seattle based electronic music and multi-media collective and book and promote various events around the NorthWest that involve electronic music or multi-media contexts. Live N Love and […]


Splatinum (Live)


SPLATINUM is the collaboration of Andrew Luck and Adam Houghton (aka Flarelight). “The duo busily apply warped frequencies to the highest and lowest sectors of the sound spectrum, while keeping things off-kilteredly funky and dramatically dynamic throughout.”- Dave Segal, The Stranger


Joe Bellingham (Live)


Joe Bellingham is by no means a newcomer. In 2009, He joined the Shameless collective and quickly established himself as a live act. He preformed his original music using Ableton Live at the illustrious Electric Tea Garden in Seattle, WA as a resident DJ. Most recently, Joe helped establish the record label Shameless Audio with […]


YAIMA (live)


The Sensational Vibrations that emanate from YAIMA materialize from an unconventional Spectrum of History. Producer Masaru Higasa was born on the mystical island of Okinawa, Japan where he was first inspired to play the music of his ancestors- He brings a deeply Resonating history through multicultural traditional instruments and offers a backbone of enticing beats […]


Anjali & the Kid (PDX)


DJ Anjali & The Incredible Kid introduced Portland, Oregon nightclub audiences to the sounds of Bhangra, Bollywood and Global Bass around the turn of the millennium. They host one of the city’s longest-running dance parties and regularly play to festival crowds throughout the Pacific Northwest including a headline performance at the Sasquatch! Music Festival dance […]


EO (Live)


Eric Oberthaler San Francisco, United States


Biolumigen (Live)


..:bioLuMigen|ˌbīōˌloōməˌjən|- that which brings the light of life into being:… …unifying sound from all over the world with the frequencies of the future and the vibrations of the ancients to create the music of Here and Now… Infusing the sounds of dub-hop and drum & space with psychedelic alien soundscapes and the lush, vibrant tones […]


Plantrae (Live)


Plantrae is an intricate, energetic and biotic sound experience originating deep in the rainforests of cascadia. It is composed of a bass rooted, stretchy midtempo foundation and live viola improvisation that embodies the spirited essence of classical, swing and folk. Seeking to unite organic melody and intricate electronics, Plantrae also encourages the listener to delve […]


Osiris Indriya (Seattle)


Osiris Indriya began developing his deep and driving sound in Seattle in 1997, attending Cornish College of the Arts, majoring in Classical and New Music Composition. There he spend endless hours in the recording studio, designing sound and experimenting with analogue and digital equipment, creating experimental works and sound sculptures. At the same time, Osiris […]


Rob Noble (Seattle)


Constantly evolving and pushing his craft, Rob has been a dedicated DJ and performer for the past 13 years based out of Seattle.


Guda (Live)

Bird of Prey (Live)

Bird of Prey

Bird of Prey is bay area native Torin Goodnight. Pursuing electronic music for over a decade, he has refined his sound and style to offer something unique and powerful to the electronic music community. He aims to provide an alternative to the current trends, where focused intent and sound waves convene to create the circumstances […]


Shawna (SF)


Shawna’s passion for music began in early childhood attending the Winnipeg Music Folk festival in Canada, where she grew up. There, she was exposed to musical genius from all over the planet, refining her ear for the origins of all types of music. In 1999, she began to perform as DJ. Her sets are eclectic, […]


Michael Maricle (Live)

MichaelMaricle Photo 1

Whether it be on the piano, in the studio, or on the dance floor, Michael Maricle is devoted to creating beautiful music. With over ten studio releases under his belt to date, he has toured with west coast jam bands, electronic bands, has performed at many NW summer festivals, and has been active in the […]



Jamie Jackson (AKA Equulei)

Jamie Jackson

Hailing from Boulder Colorado, with all original tracks Jamie is part of the electronic music duo Equulei. He cut his teeth playing huge venues in Colorado like the Skylab series back 2000 and moved from there to the underground house scene of Chicago to produce his signature Deep Tech House style.


Contents (Seattle)

Terry Himmsletein

Contents (Seattle DJ Terry Himelstein) got his start playing at the legendary Drum N Bass Tuesdays at The Baltic Room in Seattle; cutting his teeth and helping turn that weekly into the longest running Drum N Bass weekly in the Nation. He has also played a very crucial role in the development of the Deep […]


Jameson Just (Seattle)


Since the early underground Raves of the mid-nineties, to the present, wildly popular Electronic Dance Music movement, Jameson Just has been a constant fixture on the Seattle electronic scene. He began his career in 1996, spinning under the name DJ Goner, a nickname earned during his early years as a graffiti artist. With an eye […]


Entheo (Live)


From soothing ambient soundscapes, to sunrise downtempo lovestep, Entheo is a blend of lusciousness and always aims to open our hearts and connect us deeper with beauty, truth & love. Their soothing melodic layers and uplifting hooks blended with intentional vocal injections inspire tantric waves of euphoria that will enhance your dance and sweeten the […]


Skoi Sirius (CA / Seattle)


Born and raised in the 206 of Washington. Suburbed until late High School. Opened the brain up a bit and got off the program. These days you can find me chasing the sun, the world’s best music, schmancy beers from all over the rock, and the next wildest hidden destination this planet has to offer, […]


Camino Acid (Live)


The combined forces of electro extraordinaire Senor Frio and leftfield experimental IDM songstress SciFiSol draw hidden aural powers from the nether regions of distant sound worlds where even some ancient alien theorists fear to tread. Their live performances have been known to cause techno-zombies to rise from their graves, swarming dancefloors with ecstatic rhumba and […]


Sasha Rose (Live)

Sasha Rose

as Sasha Butterfly, Grace (2001) and Creation Song(2004). She has recorded vocals on over 30 projects including two Random Rab albums, the Interchill release Gathering of the Tribes with her project Kinship, Mimosa’s 2009 album Hostilis and Tea Leaf Green’s 2008 album Raise Up The Tent. In 2011 she co-produced Qi Goddess (with Jami Deva), which is geared towards healing and meditation.  In her […]


Vox Mod (Live)


“The Great Oscillator is a lush, expansive collection of electronic pop. Porter seems to be going for structured songcraft as much as he is complex, textured soundscaping. While many of the pieces are danceable, this record’s not really about tracky club music, but rather refined compositions in which you can luxuriate in the comfort of […]


Adlib (Seattle)

Devin Kelly

Seattle-based DJ, producer and promoter Devin Kelly has been a techno activist for over a decade. Whether DJing as Adlib or promoting with Shameless and People of Earth (P.O.E), he is constantly sharing a radical vision of good times, heady tunes and dancefloor debauchery with every one he meets. His versatility, technical skills and mixture […]


Aurora (Live)


AUR0RA is the musical project of producer and multi-instrumentalist Joe Bellingham along side singer, songwriter and producer JDJoslin. With eyes to the sky, they come together to produce deep, thought provoking dance music. The future holds many things for AUR0RA as they prepare their music for the live stage.


DJ Shmeejay (Port Angeles,WA)


Born in Sweden, dj ShmeeJay now lives in the Pacific Northwest, where he plays the music he loves and is known to talk about himself, in third person, endlessly. In order to reduce waste, this bio was created from 100% recycled bios.


TKO (Seattle)


If you didn’t know, The Tele.Kinetic.One (TKO) has been making moves in the deejay world since 2001. TKO is consistently pushing the emerging genres of electronic music to the hungry underground. His sets are most notable for their defined selection and ability to cause harmonic waves of dancing inspiration. Developed his style in Seattle, refined […]


Vex (Seattle)

OneManBanned (w/Aaron Daniels)


How it Started I lived in Honduras for three years playing music 5 nights a week in a nightclub down there. I was responsible for rocking out a rotating tourist community of backpackers and party animals. But I could never really keep a band together due to the rotating element, so I started to design […]


Amanita (Seattle)

Manos (Seattle)


Initially arriving onto the Seattle scene around the turn ov thee century, dj “Manos” has been quietly making a name for himself in the Northwest. Gaining attention for his down & dirty acid house and techno sets as well as his taste for various strains of experimental, minimal, and downtempo electronica, Manos is a man […]


Erin O’connor (Seattle)

Dane Garfield Wilson


Dane is a vocal performance artist and DJ based out of the Pacific Northwest; including live acts, vocal percussion/beatboxing, and DJing fused together. From adwork to performance art to MCing to DJing- Dane is consistently available for a wide range of musical and vocal projects. Besides bridging the gap between live music production and DJing […]


Rhines (Seattle)


Known for taking his dj sets to the next level, continuously rocking crowds time and again, Rhines has developed a style and honed a technique that is all his own. Playing prime selections of Progressive, Electro, Techno, House and Breakbeats, his style is difficult to pin down, as his sets tend to defy the idea […]


Boreal Taiga (Live)


Boreal Taiga encompasses music influenced from the Northern hemisphere and arctic environments.The sounds are a window to the boreal forests as well as the taiga forests (Russian name) and is also a reflection of arctic regions, snow, ice and water. Boreal Taiga is interested in the exploration of such areas as well as the study […]


Deepvibez (Seattle)

Tait Collins (Seattle)

Wesley Holmes (Seattle)

Jacaranda (PDX)

Kozmo (Seattle)

KOZMO Shoot 2

We all have had that moment when the electronic dance music scene has turned from an interest into an obsession. Nathan Ramos, a.k.a. Kozmo, is no exception to this notion. Even before Kozmo was fully aware of his affinity for all things bass, a history of playing piano, bass and saxophone had already solidified his […]


Sean Swanky (Seattle)


Swanky, sprouted into the luscious flora of the Pacific north west discovered his calling into the world of electronic music from the grimeyness of 2-step and the eternal kick drum of 4/4 music at the age of 17. Obsessed with the spread of knowledge through the internet and modern technology, a few years later Sean […]


Cactus Bath (Live)

Nico Tower (Seattle)

Nico towr

Performing songwriter, Nicole Torres, has returned to Earth from her space cocoon. Her musical entity has emerged as Nico Tower. This special brand of Radioactive Folk will surely awaken the parts of you that you didn’t know were asleep.


MeiRae (Live)


Two soul-searching young whimsical women set out to join harp & violin forces in a psychedelic post-classical style. Formerly Yay Conifers! these two female musicians set forth to create a natural harmonious musical landscape. Miranda Rae on Violin and vocals. Sophie Mei on Harp and vocals. Seattle based. inspired by nature’s imagery and matters of […]


Chiyona (Seattle)

Moon Frog (Live)


Panart hang player, composer, and producer bringing original Sacred Bass Music and live Hang performance and sound healing.


Matt Conlon (with Slam Poets)

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